This is a very basic page to showcase project’s I’ve worked on, either as a solutions architect (SA) or via IC contributions.

Twitch CLI


Created internal MVP alongside initial implementations of:

  • Mock event system
  • Mock API system
  • Sample authentication system
  • API invocation wrapper

The project started off as a small tool to assist an external customer testing against an upcoming feature, however blossomed to be used by a number of Twitch’s developer community members.

Final Fantasy 14 x Twitch Collaborative Campaign

Official announcement:

Helped build internal systems to:

  • Manage the ingestion and distribution of keys to end-users
  • Handle the large scale of the event

Overall, the event was well-received by the community, and had no technical issues during the event.

VALORANT Closed Beta Launch

News post about the launch:

Helped Riot Games with implementation of system to handle immense scale of initial launch, and worked closely internally to ensure customer and internal success.

Worked with internal teams to create metrics dashboards measuring success.

The Game Awards 2020 Twitch Drops

Tweet about the drops:

Worked cross-functionally to help Epic Games and Innersloth with in-game reward entitlements, as well as:

  • Created internal system to track viewership
  • Granted rewards for users automatically
  • Worked internally to ensure necessary APIs were created to support the event
  • Ensured technical excellence

At peak, the internal service handled around 2 million concurrent viewers without fault during the 2 hour event.