As of next Friday, April 8th, I will no longer be an Auth0/Okta employee.

More than anything, I want to thank those I met and worked with while there, even if only for a short while. It was an absolute honor to work with some of the brightest minds in the CIAM space, and my teammates were incredibly kind and driven.

With that said, there are a few reasons why I’m leaving but not worth airing. In the end- it’s the best decision for both myself and Okta to separate now instead of building resentment and apathy.

I want to state that I truly believe in the products they have, and this is not to speak ill of anything they do; I simply realized this role and company wasn’t for me.


When I was looking to my next big role, I realized a few things; firstly, I needed to find somewhere relatively small to allow me to grow and learn as I went by wearing multiple hats. Intuitively, this means a startup- so that’s where I started. Secondly- I needed to return to my roots in the solutions architecture space. I missed working alongside partners in building solutions to unique problems.

With those two aspects in mind, I began the search, and I found the ideal role.


Starting on April 11th, I’ll be joining the incredible team at Apollo GraphQL as a Solutions Architect. This is a rare opportunity to join a team on the bleeding edge of tech, building the next big innovation and working alongside some incredibly bright and talented folks.

If you’re unfamiliar, they’re one of (if not the only) the major players in the GraphQL landscape, helping shape the future of the tech alongside building well-used and known open sourced libraries. GraphQL, in many people’s opinions, is the future; in fact, I was exposed to it initially while working at Twitch and became enamoured with how developer-friendly it was, and how it could really accelerate the product development cycle due to it.

With that said- it’s going to be a challenge for sure, but one I’m excited to take. 🚀