There’s nothing quite like being frustrated. The emotion itself is just discouragement, which quickly bring upon feelings of anger.

I, myself, feel frustrated at this moment for a lot of things.

I’m frustrated with the current administration, the hostility towards other, the disdain for opposing parties on both sides. I am frustrated that we’ve come to this.

And yet, I haven’t done a damn thing about it. This is nothing new for my generation, the social media generation where tweets can spurn blood rivalries, where snaps can cause immense damage (or even jail time), and where a simple status can incriminate you. My generation created this platform, and is quickly finding out how powerful it really is- for good or for bad. In all likelihood, it’s a matter of both, as we find that having the freedom to speak out in countries with little other ability to congregate is giving the lower classes the ability to fight. On the other end, however, we’re finding that governments are using the information gathered to spy on it’s own citizens, to understand the politcal leanings, and large organizations are continuously selling items targeted to you.

This is not about the woes of social media. In fact, I simply point out that it is easy to do nothing in the face of challenge, in the face of frustration. It is easy to post a hashtag or status, but in fact, it is difficult to want to go out and try and make a change you want. In this way, this post is yelling into an echo chamber as it likely does nothing beyond simply add to the noise. For me, however, I find it as accountability, to motivate myself to keep on fighting and start actually doing.

I want to do because of Charlottesville. It is a tipping point, and we’re seeing the hate flow from both sides and come to actual action. I am proud of those that stand against the hate that gathered there, those that actually did something to help combat the problem.

I want to be with them. And I want you to fight with me. We can stop this as long as we do and show the world that America can fight against this hatred and bigotry. We’ve seen countless congressmen and congresswomen stand up against this, on both sides, so hopefully the tone of the country changes for the better.

But I don’t have my hopes up.